Guide To Designing The Perfect Chicken Coop

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People who want to use their property for homesteading or starting a small farm will have many things they need to consider. One of the most important things to consider is how to use their property to supply food. One way to do this is to have a garden. Another option is to raise chickens for eggs and meat. If you think that raising chickens are a good option for you, then you need to build a chicken coop.

Your chicken area / chicken coop will need all the basics; a roost, a secure place to protect them from predators, and a place to nest are the minimum requirements.  A roost is just a place for the chickens to sit when they’re not laying eggs or running around your property. If you don’t protect your chickens from predators, you won’t have chickens for very long. You can easily set up boxes for all of your chickens or build a custom frame of individual boxes for them to nest.

You may also want to consider an enclosed chicken run if you live in an area with many daytime predators such as cats or hawks.

And finally, once you have cleaned your coop a few times, if you didn’t plan for an easy way to keep your chicken coop clean, it could become an unpleasant chore you could grow to despise. Just a little more time up front can save many hours of cleaning and frustration. You can use something like a simple tarp or some other option if you know you will not want to continually clean the floor of your chicken coop.

If you have an old garage or large shed on your property, then this may be a good option to use as your chicken coop. All you need to do is determine how to update the structure to meet the needs of your future chickens. Windows may be a good option if the inside of the structure has no natural light.

You have many options for the look of the chicken coop to have on your property. There are practically endless choices for sizes and materials that are used for the construction.

A list of ideas to incorporate into a chicken coop is found on here…

Guide To Designing The Perfect Chicken Coop

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