Guide: How To Peel Chicken Feet

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Do you know that you may be discarding pieces of a chicken that can add a lot of flavor to a stock or a homemade soup? If you are butchering chickens to have for meat, then make sure that you save the feet. Your next task is to learn how to peel chicken feet.

You will start with some boiling water and end with cold water or ice water. The goal is to make the skin on the feet pliable so it will come off easily when you are ready to start peeling.

You may find that knowing how to peel chicken feet will be be beneficial. The knowledge that you have can be helpful when showing other people what they need to do. However, you may want to practice to make sure that the process is being done correctly.

Instructions about how to peel chicken feet is available on here…

Guide: How To Peel Chicken Feet

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