Guide: Backyard Chickens 101

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Do you have an empty backyard and want to do something that is productive? You can add a shed, but the addition of a chicken coop may be a much better option. If you want to have backyard chickens to have for eggs and food, then a few details need to be known.

The most important thing to know about backyard chickens is how to keep them safe. You will find that there are many types of predators around your area and chickens will make a great meal. This is why a durable fence and a protected area to roam will be crucial.

Another thing to realize is the more backyard chickens you have, the more eggs you will have. A set of ten chickens will easily produce up to 70 eggs every week. If you have a small family, then you should start small and add a few more as needed.

Essential information about backyard chickens is available on here…

Guide: Backyard Chickens 101

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