Guest Writer Program

Homestead & Survival is interested in working with Guest Writers. If you would like to be a Guest Writer on our site, please read the information below.

Perks Of Guest Writing On Our Site:

We wish we could offer all our guest writers fame and fortune, but that’s not possible. What we do offer is a chance for your writing to be seen and appreciated by a lot of people.

Another perk is that we are not currently charging for this opportunity. That’s right. You get a chance for your article and links to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people across several different web media types – for free. Just check out our latest statistics below.

Please understand we hope this will be a long-term relationship.  We are looking for partnerships, not a one-off article.

Website Stats

    • 1,900,000+ visitors (monthly)
    • 4,000,000+ page views (monthly)
  • 93% of visitors from the United States

Social Media Followers

    • Facebook Fans: 600,000+
    • Pinterest Followers: 32,000+
  • Twitter: 500+

So, What Are The Guidelines?

You submit to us your article title and an article with a length of at least 300 words, but no more than 500 words. The article must be “self contained” meaning it should not point readers to another webpage for the “rest of the story.” You CAN point to your website in your bio or to a story on your website that is a reference piece to your article. Let’s say you write an article for Homestead & Survival about how to make your own from-scratch pizza.  The article should contain the entire process – including the recipe. You could then point to an article on your website about how to make a substitute pizza dough that’s gluten-free.

You’ll also need to include a separate line with your keyword or keyword phrase. (Please make it easy for us to find.) The keyword is a word or short phrase that a person is likely to type in to find your article. Your keyword or keyword phrase must appear in your article about once per hundred words.

You must provide an original photo or artwork that you want published with your article. Your photo/artwork should be captivating and marketable.

Again, we consider this a partnership, so be sure to Join / Like / Follow Homestead & Survival on all our social media channels and on our website. (So you can receive our newsletter to see how our 30,000+ subscribers see your article. Of course, we will Join / Like / Follow you back.

As you may have guessed, you need to provide a short biography about yourself and/or your website. The biography should be a sentence that describes you and your blog/website. It should include links to your blog/website and your social media sites.

All articles and links will be approved by us before they are published. Homestead & Survival will publish your article(s) according to our schedule and how the article best fits into the stories for that day. Since we schedule a few weeks in advance, it’s likely it may take a few weeks for your article to appear.

One More Thing

You must sign our release and disclaimer form. (Sorry, it’s a litigious world out there.) Our release / disclaimer form is brief and the basics of it are :

You declare that the content is original and you are the current owner of both the written content and the photo/artwork and have a right to sign them over to us for our use

You declare the article will appear only on H&S, and will not be duplicated on your blog/website or any other site

You sign rights over to us for the written content and photo/artwork to be used at our discretion

How Often Can I Be A Guest Writer?

You can submit up to five (5) articles at a time.  We will choose up to one (1) to be featured each week. We may only choose one of your articles each month, or we may not choose any of your articles (see further explanation in the section below).

All Guest Writers will start out on a trial basis. If our readers like your writing and subject matter, we’ll reach out to you to establish a closer relationship.  This relationship will include your ability to enter articles directly into our publishing application. (Homestead & Survival will still approve every article and set the publish time and date.) While in the trial mode, you’ll submit your articles and photographs via DropBox.

Why Did You Choose Not To Publish My Article?

There could be a number of reasons we didn’t publish an article you submitted.

    • You didn’t follow our guidelines about the content
    • You didn’t follow our guidelines about the photo
    • Your article has nothing to do with our audience
    • Your article covers a subject we have had too much exposure of lately
  • Your writing just isn’t up to the standard that our audience demands

We’ll work with you as time permits, so if you want to resubmit, you can.

How Do I Actually Submit My Articles?

Until we get to know each other better, send your :

    1. First Name
    1. Last Name
    1. Complete URL to your blog/website
    1. Linked In information (if you’re a member)
    1. Email Address
    1. Article Title
    1. Original Article (300-500 words)
    1. Original photo / artwork (approximately 400 pixels square)
  1. Keyword/Keyword phrase

to us at :  Homestead.and.survival@gmail.

Please understand we don’t have a large staff and we don’t have this program set up to be automated. Be a little patient, as it might take us a few days to give you feedback.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!