Growing Oyster Mushrooms On Your Homestead

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One of the best sources of protein that does not come from meat is from mushrooms. One type you can easily grow at home is oyster mushrooms. These mushrooms are called oyster mushrooms because they look like an oyster when they are fully grown. There are many ways to grow these mushrooms on your homestead.

You may be surprised with the many places oyster mushrooms will actually grow. All they need is the proper base to spawn. This will include straw, wood shavings, coffee grounds, or even waste paper. Growing the best crop of mushrooms at home may actually be much easier than you think.

All you need to do to prepare to grow oyster mushrooms is prepare a suitable bed. This can be a box or any plastic bin that has suitable starter material. Another way to grow these mushrooms is to use some cut logs as a starter source. 

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Growing Oyster Mushrooms On Your Homestead

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