Growing Amaranth As A Homesteading Grain And How To Use It

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Grains are a great source or fiber and for baking bread at home. You can easily grow grains at home if you want to add to your garden crop. A good type of grain that is easy to grow is Amaranth. One aspect about growing Amaranth as a great homesteading grain is where to plant the seeds.

There are many ways for growing Amaranth in a garden. A plot can be used or you can even use raised beds that are dedicated to this type of grain. Raised beds may be preferable over plots to ensure pests are not a problem. Containers like regular pots can also be used if you do not have a garden.

Harvesting the seeds or the flowers when growing Amaranth is done to make an Amaranth flour. This is an ideal way to produce a flour that is gluten-free. You can use this flour to make many types of bread and even homemade pasta.

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Growing Amaranth As A Homesteading Grain And How To Use It

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