Grow Water Chestnuts In A Backyard Kiddie Pool

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If you’re going to grow water chestnuts, you need to make a distinction among water chestnuts because all chestnuts are not created equal. In America’s native wetlands, invasive water chestnuts are plentiful. But for our purposes, we are talking about the Chinese water chestnut. Rich and nutty, the corm is the edible base of the plant found at the very bottom of the reed, often buried in muck. This may not sound too appetizing but, truth be told, if you knew where a lot of our food really came from, you’d be pretty alarmed. So, set aside any aversions you may have and learn to grow water chestnuts…they are surprisingly easy to grow and you’ll love them come harvest time.

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Grow Water Chestnuts In A Backyard Kiddie Pool



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