Grow Natural Sponge And Eat It Too

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Are you interested in getting rid of the germ filled store bought sponges in your kitchen? There are lots of better options that you can use that are much healthier. You can even grow natural sponge when you have the right types of plants.

There is one plant in particular to plant to grow natural sponge at home. The type of plant that you will need to have is the Luffa or sponge gourd. This is a plant that is like a zucchini, but has fibers to use as a sponge after it fully ripens.

A simple shade trellis is all you really need to grow natural sponge in a garden. The only thing that you really need to remember is to wait for the right time to harvest the plant. Make sure that your plants get about eight weeks of growing time at the minimum. Each plant will produce up to eight gourds.

Information for how to grow natural sponge at home is available on here…

Grow Natural Sponge And Eat It Too

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