How To Grow And Harvest Breadseed Poppies

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Breadseed poppies are a great seed that is versatile and very useful in cooking. As poppy seeds were traditionally used in place of nuts, they can easily substitute for cookies, breads, muffins, and many other items. The tutorial quickly shows that growing poppies is a fairly easy prospect as long as you start early (usually in the spring). The spring allows the breadseed poppy plants to thrive in the full sun and moist, rich soil. Additionally, when it comes to harvesting, the seeds inside the seedpods will let you know when they are ready to be harvested by rattling when they are dry enough to be removed from the stalk. As a wonderful bonus to the poppy planting tutorial, it also offers several recipes that will bring out the best flavors of the poppies and the food it enhances.

Find out how to grow, harvest, and use breadseed poppies at here…

How To Grow And Harvest Breadseed Poppies


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