Grow Buddha Shaped Pears, Square-Shaped Watermelon, Heart-Shaped Cucumbers & More

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Buddha Shaped Pears A pear farmer in China is growing and selling Buddha shaped pears. In order to grow shaped pears, you will need to have a form or a mold. Fertilize and grow the pears as you normally would until they are about 1 inch in length. At this size, they are ready to be placed into the mold. The way the mold must fit is to fully encase the pear making sure the stem can grow out the top opening of the mold. Typically the forms come in two halves that are fastened together with a stem opening at the top. The mold needs to be tightened around the edges to create a solid shape. As the pear grows it will form to the shape of the mold.

Observe the pears each week to watch them grow and fill out the shape inside the mold. When the pears have completely filled the molds, undo the fasteners and remove the mold halves. Allow the pears to ripen in the normal way. The fruit will retain the Buddha shape until it’s ready to be picked.

Interested in growing you own buddha-shaped pears? How about heart and star-shaped cucumbers? How about watermelon shaped into hearts and squares?


Photo By: Fruit Mould

The company currently manufacturing and selling this fruit design molds is Fruit Moulds, Co., Ltd.

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