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Survival kits have many items that are useful when an emergency occurs. One item that is not included is a good way to start a fire to cook food or for heat. This is where the Everstryke Match will come in handy. This product can be used anytime a flame is needed and it will work in all types of weather conditions. No other tool comes close to what this product can do.

One of the best aspects of the Everstryke Match is it can produce a flame up to 15,000 strikes due to an o-ring that is built-in to prevent fuel evaporation. If you are tired of burning your fingertips when using basic matches, then this item will be the perfect solution.

The first thing to do when you want to use this product is to remove the striker from the canister. This is done by unscrewing the striker. The next thing to do is fill the canister with lighter fluid. The type of fluid to use does not matter. However, do not fill the canister more than ¾ full. You then need to let the striker soak up the fluid for at least five minutes after it has been tightened to the canister.

Remove the striker component from the canister when a flame is needed. The canister needs to be in an upright position. There is a Ferro rod attached to one side of the canister. You need to drag the striker to produce a flame. This is just like striking a match. Blow out the flame when it is no longer needed.

There are a few points to remember to get the most out of the Everstryke Match:

  • You may ruin the tool if the wick is not well-saturated when striking the match
  • Spillage of fuel will occur if the canister is overfilled
  • Make sure you have the striker fully tightened after each use
  • The flame on the match should not burn more than ten seconds

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Get Your Free Everstryke Match

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