Get Your Free Evac 3, This Tool Could Save Your Life

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Emergency kits that are put together for vehicles contain various tools. One beneficial item is an emergency hammer. However, these hammers are often not suitable for breaking regular window glass when there is no opposing pressure. This means another tool will be needed. The best option to add to any type of emergency kit is the Evac3 survival tool.

The Evac3 can easily fit in the console or glove box of a vehicle as it is about 3 inches long. This is the best tool to use if you are ever in an accident and trapped in your vehicle. In the past a brick or another object was needed to break a window. Another option was waiting for emergency crews to use a machine to bend or cut the roof off. If the Evac3 is available, then you have a tool that will help you get out of any vehicle.

A cutting blade can be used to free yourself from a jammed seat belt. You may also use the window breaker to shatter window glass if necessary. One thing to keep in mind is the window breaker will have a black head that needs to be placed in the corner of the window. The spring-loaded spike of the tool will release and shatter the glass. A built-in whistle is also available to signal rescue workers or passersby that you need help.

The spring-loaded spike of the window breaker only needs 12 pounds of force for it to activate. Anyone who is able to lift a small bowling ball can use this emergency tool. You can easily add the Evac3 onto any type of keychain, in your pocket, or anyplace that is convenient and easy to reach.

Make sure to study the instructions thoroughly so that you will fully understand how to use this tool. This tool will make a great Christmas gift for anyone who will be doing a lot of driving this winter.

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