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Carrying a full-fledged utility knife is not practical for most people. One of the main reasons is that they are often bulky for someone to keep in their pocket and may be mistaken for a weapon. This means that some other solution will be needed. The best option for a simple tool is to obtain a credit card knife.

A credit card knife is very portable as it can be placed in a pocket, a wallet, a purse, or other places that are easy to access. The cover of the tool is durable and will not cause any injury to the user. If you have a need for a basic survival tool, then the credit card knife is the perfect solution.

The weight of the tool is only 1/10th that of a conventional utility knife and is small enough to easily fit in any small space. This tool is only 2 mm when folded and is similar to the size of a regular credit card. You can easily fold the blade into position in just a matter of seconds. No one will think you have a knife to use when it has been taken out of your pocket.

The blade of the knife is a durable stainless steel that offers rust-free sharpness. A protective guard keeps the blade from slipping when the tool is being held. Also, a built-in safety sheath covers the blade when folded for storage. The locking mechanism is a snap-open design which will be easier for many people to open than a standard penknife. Another benefit is that there are no hinges so you won’t have to contend with rust.

This innovative tool can be used by anyone who needs a basic tool or a blade to include in any emergency kit. One thing to keep in mind when keeping this item on your person is the blade is metal and can set off a metal detector. A credit card knife is also a great gift idea for Christmas.

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Get Your Free Credit Card Knife

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