Get Creative With MaKey MaKey

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We think the MaKey MaKey might be one of the top selling holiday gifts this year for kids and adults of all ages. It’s so versatile and it fosters creativity and sparks the imagination. See the photo above? Someone actually is playing a piano and using bananas and the piano keys! And check the photo out below. Someone has drawn a PacMan keyboard on paper is pressing the paper icons to play the game!


So what is MaKey Makey, you wonder? Watch for yourself from the inventor, Jay Silver, as he explains to a TedTalk audience…

Isn’t the MaKey MaKey awesome?! Imagine its potential. Even more…imagine your potential!

The MaKey Makey kit is available on Amazon. Right now the price on Amazon is the same as the price on the official website, but with Amazon you can get free shipping.

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