Gas Stove Runs A Generator

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Gast-Stove-Runs-A-Generator It’s hard to believe that you can burn wood in a stove and, without any other special equipment or distillation, run a generator or vehicle with the stove’s “exhaust.”  This is due in part to the fact that the stove being used here is a type of stove known as a gasifier.  Gasifiers burn so hot and so efficiently, that they actually separate the molecules of the fuel they burn resulting in a combination of carbon monoxide and hydrogen – a highly combustible fuel referred to as “syngas” or “producer gas.”  Many rocket stoves fall into the category of gasifiers.

Testing completed in 2010 at Auburn University shows that the fuel produced as a result of the gasification process burns a full 37% more cleanly than gasoline.  Watch this video to get some good ideas about dealing with some of the problems that arise when trying to work with the tar that can be generated in the gasification process.

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