Friendly (But Effective) Cat Repellent

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Do you have stray cats around your property that are becoming a nuisance? Cats are great at ridding an area of mice, but they can also cause a variety of problems. If you have cats that are causing a problem, then a really effective solution is to use a homemade cat repellent.

A homemade cat repellent can be used on plants and furniture that are indoors or outdoors. You will be making a liquid that needs to be sprayed where you do not want cats to go. The key to making a simple repellent is using special ingredients that are all natural.

The ingredients that are used to make a homemade cat repellent are highly acidic. Cats will not like the taste of the repellent and will keep far away from areas where it is used. A spray bottle is the only item you need to use to apply the repellent.

Instructions to make your own homemade cat repellent are on here…

Friendly (But Effective) Cat Repellent

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