Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe

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Do you have a supply of fresh strawberries from your garden or couldn’t resist buying a quart at a local market? This is a great fruit to cut up and eat fresh, but any extra can easily be made into a pie. Making a fresh strawberry pie is not too difficult and can be a lot of fun.

The key to fresh strawberry pie is making everything from scratch. This includes the crust for the pie if you want something that is really tasty. A store bought crust can be used in a pinch is needed. You need some wheat flour, salt, butter, and water to make a homemade crust.

You may want to have big pieces or cut it up to make fresh strawberry pie. The strawberries might be better if they have been cut into smaller pieces or mashed. You can then start the preparations to make the pie filling.

Instructions to make your own fresh strawberry pie at home are on here…

Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe

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