Freezer-Friendly Homemade Fish Sticks

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One of the easiest meals to prepare that can be served with any type of dipping sauce is fish sticks. You only need to bake them in your oven until they are golden brown and delicious. The best type of fish to use when you want to prepare your own homemade fish sticks are those that are freshly caught.

Fish purchased at the store can also be used to make homemade fish sticks. The key is knowing how to prepare the fish if you want to freeze them for later or use immediately. Freezing your fish to have as a meal for later may be the best option.

Anyone who has caught and has cleaned fish from a local lake or river can make homemade fish sticks. All that is needed is the ingredients to make the breading. About 20 minutes in an oven is all that is needed to bake the fish for a tasty meal.

The instructions to make your own homemade fish sticks are on here…

Freezer-Friendly Homemade Fish Sticks

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