Free Energy DIY Dryer Modification

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This free energy DIY shows just how abundant free energy is if you know where to look and how to harness it. This clever tutorial will take you step-by-step (with useful photos) through the process of transforming an electric dryer into a dryer that uses hot air to save energy and money. By evaluating the way hot air travels in your home, you can discover the best pocket of hot air in your house (keeping in mind that you will need that pocket to be open to a source of replacement air – i.e., the outdoors). You can then create a dryer hood with a fitting for a hot air intake hose that can harness that free energy—the hot air— to dry your clothes. One last thing and, perhaps most important of all, this tutorial is only intended for electric dryers and is NOT recommended for gas models.

Learn how to use free energy to transform your electric dryer to run on hot air at here…

Free Energy DIY Dryer Modification

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