Fly Control Method From Spain

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Do you find that flies are a problem during the summer when you want to spend some quality time out on your deck or patio? Chemical sprays are not that effective and store bought traps are not ideal. Your best bet is to use a simple DIY fly control method.

A fly control method you can do at home will only require an old water bottle. The bait to use for this trap is a small piece of meat. If you are worried about the smell of meat, then don’t be alarmed. You do not have much odor at all coming from the trap.

You can use this fly control method anywhere flies are a problem. The best way to use this type of trap is to hang it from a hook so it will be off the ground. This is a great option to keep flies away from plants in a garden.

Information about using a DIY fly control method is on here…

Fly Control Method From Spain

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