Fire Starter Survival – Create A Fire Anywhere & In Any Weather Condition

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Best Fire Starter Fuel

WiseFire is an optimal fuel made from recycled wood, inert minerals, and shielded by a patented blend of paraffin, making it inherently safe and environment friendly. It will light the first time and one cup of it burns 20-30 minutes even when there is wind, rain, sleet or snow. Plus, it is nonvolatile – which means there is no risk for unexpected fires or flare-ups. Due to its lightweight, it is also easy to transport. Not to count that it has 25 year shelf life and can be stored safely near foods. For longetivity and better results, store WiseFire in a cool, dry place. WiseFire is perfect for camping or planning for any emergency or disaster situation. Watch the video below to see this amazing fuel.

Purchase WiseFire, starting at $29.99

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