Recipe: Evergreen Scented Vinegar For Cleaning

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Have you seen the commercials on TV advertising the cleaning benefits of pine-sol? You can easily get the same cleaning benefits by making a similar product at home. The best part is, you might just save a few bucksĀ in the process of making your own homemadeĀ evergreen scented vinegar for cleaning.

Making an evergreen scented vinegar for cleaning is super easy to do. If you have any spruce trees that in your yard, then you are all set. All you need is a glass jar and some vinegar. You are actually making an infusion as the pine needles and the vinegar need to seep.

The amount of time to make a batch of evergreen scented vinegar will be about six weeks. You can use fresh pine needles or some needles that are more dry depending on the scent you prefer. Simply filter the pine needles in a colander before you use the product.

Instructions to make your own evergreen scented vinegar for cleaning re on here…

Recipe: Evergreen Scented Vinegar For Cleaning

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