Emergency Water Storage And Filtration – What You Need To Know

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Planning for an emergency means you should have a stockpile of food on hand. However, one thing that is sometimes not considered when stockpiling food is having enough water to drink. If you lose power or water is not available in your home, then a backup supply is necessary. There are many ways to have basic water ready to use in an emergency. All you need is to properly store the emergency water you need.

People living in a city are more prone to water disruptions than people living in the country. The reason is being connected to a city water supply. Being prepared with emergency water allows you to have water on hand to drink or to use for cooking. The only thing you need to do is ensure the emergency water is being kept in a suitable container.

Simply transferring tap water to plastic containers is not sufficient for emergency water. Water that is from the tap will contain bacteria that can cause serious illness. You need to purify your water before it is added to a storage container. There are two methods that can be used to treat your water for packaging. Heat will be one option and bleaching is another.

Canning the water using heat is one method to use to keep emergency water for an indefinite period. You can do this by using a pressure canning system. However, glass jars need to be used for this process. Another solution is to boil water or use a chemical disinfection process.

Underground storage tanks and rain barrels are a great option to keep emergency water. This can easily be kept in a location that is dark and cool. One ideal place is in a basement or cellar. If you are using multiple containers, then make sure they are dated. Water that is not sterile should be rotated every year to keep it fresh.

Information about proper emergency water storage is found on commonsensehome.com here…

Emergency Water Storage And Filtration

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