Emergency Power From Your Car

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Photo: offgridworld.com

Emergency power from your car is an innovative and important way to offset the damage that can occur during blackouts or power outages. Power inverters are affordable devices that can be attached to vehicles and recharged periodically so that they will be able to provide small amounts of energy for use during times of emergency. The author of the guide has several recommendations for the size and capacity of inverter to use depending on what you need to power and for how long you anticipate needing to power it. For example, he uses a 175 watt inverter for his emergency purposes and it can power a laptop, ARB fridge, and recharge gadgets in a pinch. Larger versions are more expensive, of course, but can power more items for a longer time. They just need to be recharged longer and more often.

Discover where to find and how to use inverters to provide emergency power from your car at offgridworld.com here…

Emergency Power From Your Car

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