Easy Strawberry Syrup (From Discarded Strawberry Tops!)

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Photo by: stonefamilyfarmstead.com

Do you like to make desserts like strawberry shortcake from fruit picked from your garden or bought at the store? Most people who prepare strawberries will cut off the top and throw it out. However, you are wasting a perfect opportunity to use strawberry tops to make strawberry syrup.

The process to make strawberry syrup from the left over tops of strawberries is not difficult. Place your strawberry tops in a bowl and then add some lemon juice and sugar for flavor. Chill the bowl overnight so all the ingredients have time to blend together.

Your blender will be your best friend when you want to make strawberry syrup at home. A strainer will also be needed as you will have bits and pieces that need to be separated from the syrup. If you want to use your syrup in a fun way, then making your own jelly is also an option.

Instructions to make your own homemade strawberry syrup are on stonefamilyfarmstead.com here…

Easy Strawberry Syrup (From Discarded Strawberry Tops!)

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