Easy Homemade Bagels

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Baking various types of foods at home is a better option than buying items as a grocery store. You might find baking at home will be more satisfying and healthier. Bagels are a popular breakfast item which you easily can bake at home and go perfectly with homemade cream cheese. The good news is that homemade bagels will not have the additives that are common in many types of store-bought products.

One important detail about making homemade bagels is the time that is required. The main reason is the kneading that is required for the dough. Bagels are not light and often have a specific texture. You will be kneading the dough for your homemade bagels for about ten minutes. However, a variety of basic utensils are needed before you begin making the dough.

Making homemade bagels is similar to making homemade bread as the dough is similar. You will need to form the dough for the bagels by hand. However, bagels will not need a pan or other container when they are baked in your oven. One important detail about preparing the dough is letting it rest. A knife or other utensil is needed to cut the dough into small balls that will form the bagels. You can use an assortment of methods to make the hole in the center. You can use a finger or other tool, though shaping your bagels correctly may take some trial and error.

The most important part of making homemade bagels is water. Water is necessary to make the dough and to get a perfect result when they are baked. You also have the option to add various flavors to your bagels based on the ingredients that are needed for a specific recipe. 

Recipe and instructions to make homemade bagels can be found on theprairiehomestead.com here…

Easy Homemade Bagels

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