Easy DIY Pallet Shelving

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Photo by: ceramicartsdaily.org

Are you looking for a simple storage solution for a pottery studio or workshop? Shelving is typically an ideal option and a DIY solution is really easy to do. If you have some scrap lumber and a few pallets to use, then you can make your own pallet shelving.

The process to make pallet shelving is not difficult, but you will need a few important tools. You might want to use screws to attach the lumber or nails depending on what is available. Power tools will be the way to go, but a hammer and nails will also work. Lag bolts will be a better choice though.

You can make your pallet shelving any size you prefer. If you cannot make a really tall unit, then a few small units may be preferable. Casters can also be added to make the shelving easy to move. These can be added once the shelving unit is complete.

Instructions to make your own pallet shelving are available on ceramicartsdaily.org here…

Easy DIY Pallet Shelving

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