Easy DIY Grit And Eggshell Dispensers

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Photo by: fresheggsdaily.com

Are you interested in DIY projects that you can do to have unique things on your homestead? There are a lot of ideas you can use depending on the materials you have available. Metal match boxes will be an ideal item to use to make homemade grit and eggshell dispensers.

Grit and eggshell dispensers are perfect to feed animals like chickens. You can even make these to feed birds instead of spending a lot of money on a pre-made bird feeder. A few modifications are all you need to make something unique and functional.

If you have a dog or cat food dispenser in your home, then grit and eggshell dispensers are similar. The grit and eggshells are filled and will always have a supply of material until a refill is necessary. Decorating the dispensers is the best part as you can add any color of paint as long as it is rustproof and non-toxic.

Instructions to make your own grit and eggshell dispensers are on fresheggsdaily.com here…

Easy DIY Grit And Eggshell Dispensers

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