Easy DIY Earwig Trap For Your Garden

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Photo by: turningclockback.com

Growing items organically often means pests like earwigs are a problem. A really awesome way to get rid of them is to make a homemade earwig trap.

You can easily make a simple earwig trap by using a few items found around your home. Paper and a bit of duct tape is all that you need for this project. If you don’t have duct tape, thenĀ use rubber bands.

The effectiveness of this trap will far exceed that of otherĀ options. Set the traps up in the evening (when earwigs are most active during the night), then dispose of them first thing in the morning.

A simple way to make a super effective earwig trap for your garden is on turningclockback.com here…

Easy DIY Earwig Trap

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