Easy Blueberry Pie Recipe

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Photo by: chaosisbliss.com

Fresh blueberries are a tasty fruit that can be used in a lot of recipes. However, frozen blueberries are a close second when fresh fruit is not available. If you want to do something fun with fresh blueberries if freezing is not preferred, then an easy blueberry pie is a great option.

Making an easy blueberry pie starts with the crust. This is something that you can make from scratch or use a store bought crust. A homemade crust is not difficult to make as you only need a few ingredients. The time and patience to form the dough is the only concern.

The best thing about an easy blueberry pie is not a lot of work is required. You simply need to blend all the ingredients in a bowl and then start filling the crust. There is really not much else other than putting the pie in the oven to bake.

Instructions to make an easy blueberry pie are available on chaosisbliss.com here…

Easy Blueberry Pie Recipe

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