Double-Stuffed Oreo Jello Shots

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Many types of food and beverages are often available at most types of parties. If you want a fun party for adults, then various kinds of alcohol may be an option. A supply of tasty snacks to eat can also be present like Oreo cookies and jello shots. You might be surprised to learn combining alcohol and a handful of Oreo cookie wafers can make Oreo jello shots.

The process to make Oreo jello shots is similar to regular jello shots. However, the ingredients being used for the recipe are slightly different. The key to making this tasty treat is getting the ingredients. You have a few necessary items that can easily be found at stores that have liquor for sale. The flavor of the alcohol will be important when making Oreo jello shots.

You may also need to visit your local grocery store to get some of the ingredients that are needed. Your most important ingredient is gelatin to create the jello effect for your Oreo jello shots. The result of the effort you put forth for this part of the project will result in the filling for your treats.

Oreo cookies do not necessarily need to be used for this task. Oreo cookies can be a big expense if you are planning to make a lot of Oreo jello shots. Another option is to find a cheaper cream cookie to have for this project. You may find a store brand is just as good as real Oreo cookies.

The jello for your Oreo jello shots is only one aspect of this project. You will need to have your wafers ready when the jello is firm and ready to use. The amount of wafers to use depends on the total amount of cookie shots you want to make. 

Instructions to make your own Oreo jello shots are on here…

Double-Stuffed Oreo Jello Shots

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