DIY Wrinkle Release Spray Recipe

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People who travel are familiar with the problems that exist when packing clothes. Items placed inside a suitcase or other piece of luggage may be wrinkle-free, but appear a wrinkled mess when unpacked at a hotel or other destination. Caring for clothes is a big issue for those who may not want to use an iron to remove wrinkles. An ideal solution is to use a make a DIY wrinkle release spray.

You can find various types of wrinkle release sprays online. However, there is no need to order something and pay shipping when something similar can be made at home. The best recipe to use for a DIY wrinkle release spray uses ingredients you may already have. This means you can make a spray that will be invaluable when traveling.

One of the main elements in a DIY wrinkle release spray is vinegar. This also is the main ingredient for a homemade fabric softener. You will need some sort of spray bottle. Any spray bottle will work as long as it delivers an even mist so you don’t saturate your clothes.

You can use a DIY wrinkle release spray at home or when you are traveling or work or a vacation. You can use it at home to avoid ironing. 

Just make sure to shake the container used to mix your DIY wrinkle release spray before pouring it in your spray bottle. Clothes that are wrinkled need to be hung on a hanger or laid out flat. You will also need to let your wrinkle release spray completely dry. The results that you see will be amazing.

The instructions to make a DIY wrinkle release spray are found on here…

DIY Wrinkle Release Spray Recipe

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