DIY Whipped Homemade Vapor Rub

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Photo by: DIY Natural

When you have a cough and chest congestion, vapor rub is physically comforting. Rubbing some on your chest and throat helps loosen mucus and phlegm and soothes the urge to cough.

For those interested in living a more healthy life, it’s important to avoid harmful chemicals. As DIY Natural points out, most commercial vapor rubs are made with petroleum and camphor (derived from the oil of turpentine and menthol) and synthetically made. Making your own homemade all-natural vapor rub delivers the benefits of the commercially kind, yet without introducing unnecessary chemicals to your skin and body.

Vapor rub is always helpful to have on hand, especially during cold and flu season.  DIY Natural’s own recipe is composed of coconut oil and vital essential oils to help restore your health.

DIY Whipped Homemade Vapor Rub


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