DIY Wheelbarrow Garden Trug

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Do you enjoy gardening, but do not have a place for tools and other items when outdoors? A trug is the best option for anyone who wants something simple to use. However, a garden trug that you can buy at the store may not be adequate. A wheelbarrow garden trug may be a better choice.

You can easily make your own wheelbarrow garden trug at home using a few pieces of scrap wood. An ideal option is to use old barn wood, but standard boards can also be used. The main goal is to make an item that functions the way you need.

Making a wheelbarrow garden trug will be a fun woodworking project. You get the chance to use a few power tools and some screws or nails for assembly. The most important thing to remember about wood related projects is to measure twice and cut once to minimize errors.

Instructions to make your own wheelbarrow garden trug are on here…

DIY Wheelbarrow Garden Trug

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