DIY Water Wall

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A water feature is a basic element that can easily be included in a new backyard design. One item you may want to consider for your home is a water wall. This is a water feature that has water cascading down a wall that can be solid or clear. You can find this type of item online or at a home improvement store for outdoor use. However, making your own water feature at home will be the most cost effective option.

The basic concept of a water wall is cascading water. You can supply the water from a tank or a hose if you have a drain system set up. The best option is to recycle water. This will require a tub or tank to be set up for your water wall. You can make your own or use a plastic tub. If you need to use a tub or a tank, then a pump is needed to circulate the water for your wall.

You have a choice of materials to use for this project. If you have access to wood, then you can easily build a frame for your feature wall. The wall of the water feature may be glass or any other material. This will be something you can decide based on various factors. A thin acrylic sheet can also be used for the wall of the water wall if glass is not an option. This can easily be found at any home improvement store.

You may want to modify the design of your water wall. This will depend on the look and the materials you have available. Your water wall can be painted or stained to match the style of decking or a garden area of your home. One important detail is having electricity available for the pump that will circulate the water.

A video about making your own water wall is found on here…

DIY Water Wall

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