How To: DIY Water Treatment Train

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diy water treatment train

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Are you interested in collecting rain water for use in a garden or other purpose, but want a way to have the water be treated? The reason to treat rain water or storm water is to remove particles and impurities that may cause health problems. One option is to build your own DIY water treatment train.

A DIY water treatment train is a series of containers that are used to filter particles from rain water or storm water. One barrel is to collect the water and separate any solids. A second barrel will then filter out any smaller particles before being sent to a third barrel for final treatment.

Once the water has been treated using a DIY water treatment train, then it can be used for any application or kept in a storage container. Filtered water is perfect to use for garden irrigation or when you require clean water to use for an aquaponics project.

Instructions to make your own DIY water treatment train are available on here…

How To: DIY Water Treatment Train

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