DIY Water Treatment Tower

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Do you have a pond or collect rainwater to use for watering a garden or even for drinking? Some sources of water might contain various types of solids and other material. The best way to get rid of any debris that is in the water is to build your own water treatment tower.

The process to build a water treatment tower to use at home may be moderately difficult. There are a variety of connections that need to be made with the proper supplies. PVC plumbing pipe will be crucial to have for this project as will two IBC tanks.

Make sure to look for used or discarded IBC tanks for this project. Buying items that are new will cost hundreds of dollars. Used items will likely cost under $100 or may even be free. The total time for you to build your own water treatment tower will vary based on equipment that you have available.

Instructions to build your own water treatment tower are available on here…

DIY Water Treatment Tower

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