DIY Vertical Planter Garden

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Many fun and unique design elements can easily be added to a home. If you are interested in having a planter for the outside of your house, then a vertical planter is something to consider. The best place to use this planter is against a wall or a fence, but it can be freestanding too.

You should think of a vertical planter as a basic terraced garden. The look of the structure will be like a set of stairs as there are stringers without the treads and risers. Actual stair stringers can be used or the stringers can be cut from a set of boards by using a jigsaw or other cutting tool.

A sturdy frame is necessary for your vertical planter as you do not want it to be unsafe. The options for building the frame depend on your preference and where the structure will be located. You can also use screws to connect the frame to a fence or wall.

Instructions to make your own vertical planter are on here…

DIY Vertical Planter Garden

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