DIY Twin-Over-Twin Flat Panel Bunk Bed (Can Be Separated Into Individual Beds!)

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Parents who have a growing family may need to have multiple children in one room. This is often done by having various options like bunk beds. A bunk bed is a type of bed that is stacked with one on the bottom and one on the top. These can be found at most well-stocked furniture stores. However, you can also build this type of bed as a DIY project.

There are many ways to build a bunk bed for young children. The simplest option is to build the bed with lumber that you can get from a local home improvement store. You can sometimes find a better selection of lumber to build a bunk bed at your local lumber yard.

The wood to use for this project will vary based on need and preference. You have the option to use the type of wood in the parts list for the project or you can substitute any other wood you prefer. This is the best thing about a DIY project that is done at home. Any modification can be made to have the result that is desired.

Specific tools will be needed to build a bunk bed. This includes a variety of saws to cut the lumber to build the frame for your bunk bed, a tape measure, and a power drill. You can find all of the tools for this project at any home improvement store or hardware store.

One thing you may want to consider when cutting the wood for your bunk bed project is to mark every piece with where it is to go in the assembly process. This will make the assembly go much faster. You may also want to think about the paint color for the bed as it may need to match an existing design.

Instructions to build your own DIY bunk bed are found on here…

DIY Twin-Over-Twin Flat Panel Bunk Bed

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