DIY Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf

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Saving space is something that may be necessary based on the size of the area in your home. One place that may be smaller than desired is the bathroom. There are many ideas that can be used if your bathroom needs an update. This includes adding a custom toilet paper holder.

A custom toilet paper holder can easily replace the standard unit found in many typical bathrooms. The materials that are used for this product are simple to find. You will need a piece of scrap wood or wood left over from another home improvement project. The size of wood to use should measure at about ten inches in length, one inch thick and about six inches deep. However, any suitable size can be used.

One important detail about a custom toilet paper holder is the type of holder. A vintage item will be the best option, but any type of suitable paper holder will work for this project. You also will need brackets to secure the item to the wall. Securing a custom toilet paper holder to the wall will need to be done by using screws. This means a power drill will be necessary. 

You have many options to prepare the wood to use for your custom toilet paper holder. The main thing is to determine the style that will match the existing design of your bathroom. Sand your wood to ensure it gets completely smooth. Paint or stain can then be added based on your preferences. Once you have your item finished, then the next step is to determine where the custom toilet paper holder will be mounted.

Instructions for making a custom toilet paper holder can be found on here…

DIY Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf

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