DIY Tire Rim Griller (No Welding)

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Are you in need of a charcoal grill, but do not want to buy a cheaply made item from the store? You have a lot of interesting options to make a charcoal grill as a DIY project. A perfect way to do this at home on the cheap is to make a DIY tire rim griller.

The best aspect about making a DIY tire rim griller is you will not need to do any welding. This means that this project will be easy to do on a weekend before it is needed for the big game. You just need the proper supplies and tools to complete the project.

Your DIY tire rim griller can be attached to a base with casters added to make it portable. You will also need to have a can of high heat paint. Simply clean up the rim you want to use to remove any grime or oil and then add a new coat of paint.

Instructions to make your own DIY tire rim griller are available on here…

DIY Tire Rim Griller (No Welding)

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