DIY Tiered Herb Garden Tutorial

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There are many types of design elements that can be used around your home. One feature that will add a unique look to your home is the addition of a tiered herb garden. This is a great solution for any areas that are small or for corners that are lacking some detail. The placement for a garden depends many factors.

The most important detail about a tiered herb garden is the materials that are used. You will need to use materials that are a good design element for your home and will stand up to the elements. This means a choice of plastic, metal, or wood. Wood will have the best look when set up at your home.

You can find the wood to build a tiered herb garden at any home improvement store. Another option to find suitable material is at a local lumber yard. The basic premise of a tiered herb garden is building an assortment of boxes that will be stacked to appear like stairs. However, there are various items that are needed to successfully complete this process.

The boards of wood to use to build a tiered herb garden need to be measured and cut. This requires the use of a tape measure and a saw. You will also need a power drill as the boxes that are made need to be secured using screws. Supports will also be needed for each tier of your herb garden.

A tiered herb garden is a great way to add a design element to cover bare areas in the front of a deck or a patio. You also should know that cedar is resistant to rotting and means watering your plants will never be an issue. The wood can also be stained or painted to match the exterior of your home.

Instructions to make your own tiered herb garden can be found on here…

DIY Tiered Herb Garden Tutorial

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