DIY Strawberry Tower With Reservoir

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Growing your own strawberries is a great way to have a tasty fruit as a snack or as an ingredient for an elegant dessert. This type of fruit is typically grown in a garden and picked when ripe. If you live in an area without space for a garden, then another solution is needed. A strawberry tower is one idea if your home cannot accommodate a typical garden.

The benefit of a strawberry tower is you can set it almost anywhere sunshine is available. You have the option to place it on your deck, a patio, or as a feature in a flower bed. The placement of the tower will depend on your preference and space availability. However, you first need to obtain all the materials to build the strawberry tower.

A home improvement store will have all the materials necessary for this project. Your strawberry tower is basically pots or buckets that are stacked on top of each other. The buckets are essentially planters for the strawberry seeds, but the key feature is having strawberries hanging from the tower. This is done by the placement of holes in the side of each bucket.

Five-gallon buckets are a great item to use to construct your strawberry tower. A power drill and a hole saw attachment will be needed to make the holes for the strawberries. If you want to have strawberries that are fresh, then this is a great DIY project that can be done in less than an hour.

The key element of a strawberry tower is using a reservoir to water the strawberries. You will place the reservoir at the top of the tower and simply keep it filled with water. The result of your efforts will be a decent supply of fresh strawberries without having to go to the grocery store.

Instructions to build your own strawberry tower are on here…

DIY Strawberry Tower With Reservoir

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