DIY Shrub And Tree Soaker Hose

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Do you have trees and shrubs around your house that are hard to keep watered? The best option is to have a garden hose run water at a slow rate. However, this can be difficult as you need to move the hose to a different area. A great solution is to make a simple tree soaker hose.

All you really need to make a DIY tree soaker hose is an old garden hose. A few modifications are needed for you to have a simple tool that can be used when you need to water various trees and shrubs. This is one way to make use of an old hose you may otherwise throw away.

A power drill and a few supplies from a local home improvement store are all you need to make a DIY tree soaker hose. This is something that is really easy to do to have a simple attachment you can add to an existing garden hose.

Instructions to make your own tree soaker hose are available on here…

DIY Shrub And Tree Soaker Hose

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