DIY Shop Vac Cyclone Shop Cart

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Anyone with a garage or workshop may have a shop vac and various accessories. This is a necessary device for anyone who works with wood or has a lot of debris on their floor. One aspect about a standard shop vac is there are different sizes available. There may also be attachments or other machines that are being used to clean any debris. If you have limited space, then a shop vac cyclone cart may be a good idea.

This is a unit that can be stationary or portable. If you need to move your shop vac cyclone to different areas of your shop, then a portable cart may be preferred. A cart for your device can be built by using a variety of scrap wood or from newly purchased lumber. If you do not have scrap lumber, then go to any home improvement store to get what you need for you shop vac cyclone cart.

Wheels will be needed to make your shop vac cyclone cart portable. The best option for wheels is a set of casters. These are made from metal and will be a better option than plastic. You can look for options at a home improvement store or on the Internet.

The frame for your shop vac cyclone unit will be used to house all the accessories for your device when not being used for cleaning. This means you need to consider some built-in storage solutions for your cart. The best thing about a DIY project is you can easily make any changes that are needed.

You will need to use a few basic tools to build a shop vac cyclone cart. This includes a circular saw, a tape measure, a power drill, and screws. Screws are the best option to keep the frame of the unit secure.

Read the instructions¬†to¬†make your own shop vac cyclone by visiting¬† here…

DIY Shop Vac Cyclone Shop Cart

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