DIY Shake And Bake Recipe

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Do like to have fried chicken, but prefer the texture of Shake and Bake? You can easily find products that are store bought, but a homemade version is healthier and may also be cheaper. A really simple shake and bake recipe can be used to make baked chicken at home.

Homemade breading using a shake and bake recipe does not contain any additives that are found in many store bought breading. All you need to do is obtain the ingredients that you need to make up a batch for a tasty meal. Most of the ingredients may already be in your kitchen.

You can use a shake and bake recipe when you want to bake chicken or meat like pork chops. This is one of the best ways to make chicken patties that you can freeze. You simply need to preheat your oven and bake until they look golden brown and delicious.

A shake and bake recipe you can make at home is available on here…

DIY Shake And Bake Recipe

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