DIY Self-Watering Garden And Greenhouse

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Adding a planter to your property is a great way to grow plants like flowers and even fruit. One type of planter you can make as a DIY project is a self-watering garden. This is something that can be made by using reused or recycle materials.

The best thing about a DIY self-watering garden is it can be converted into a small greenhouse to grow food all year long. This is something you can build in about 8 hours if you have already sourced all the materials. The best thing about this project is you can customize it to meet your needs.

A few supplies and materials you need for this project will need to be purchased. You will need to have some nails or screws and a few other items to complete this project. Pallets will also be needed, as you will be using them as the frame for your self-watering garden.

Instructions to build a DIY self-watering garden are on here…

DIY Self-Watering Garden And Greenhouse

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