DIY Self-Contained 5 Gallon Sink

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Do you want a great way to reuse your water to save money on utility costs? Many people will waste a lot of water when using a sink. Another way people use a lot of water is using a garden hose to clean fruits or vegetables from a garden. However, making your own self-contained 5 gallon sink is also an option.

The key to a self-contained 5 gallon sink is reusing the same water again and again. You can reuse grey water for washing your hands and for watering plants. The only thing to remember is, grey water is not meant to drink or use for cooking.

All you need is two 5 gallon buckets to make a self-contained 5 gallon sink. You can use a pump or use a gravity-fed system for this project. Gravity-fed may be easier as you only need to swap buckets when you run out of water.

Information about making a self-contained 5 gallon sink is on here…

DIY Self-Contained 5 Gallon Sink

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