DIY SAD Light Therapy Box

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People who seem depressed during the winter months may be suffering from a condition that is known as seasonal affective disorder. This is something that often occurs every year and is one reason seasons do not agree with some people. One reason for this is the overcast that is typical on most days for people living in an area where winter weather is common. There are many ways to cope with this issue. A simple solution is a DIY SAD light therapy box.

There are many reasons light therapy helps to ease the effects of SAD for many people. This is a result of using light that will mimic the effects of sunlight. You can easily make a SAD light therapy box that can be set up in a bedroom or any place in your home. All you need is the right materials to construct a box used for light therapy.

The most important part of a DIY SAD light therapy box is the number of bulbs. This is the main factor that will be used to determine the size of box to build. All the materials you need can easily be found at any local home improvement store. However, many of the electrical components will be cheaper if you look on the Internet. Your SAD light therapy box also needs a cover to help diffuse the light that is seen once the device is turned on.

You will need to construct your SAD light therapy box by measuring and cutting the pieces of wood needed to assemble the frame. This can be done using wood glue combined with screws. Holes are also needed for the light bulbs that will provide the illumination for your SAD light therapy box. The best bulbs include CFL or LED. Natural light bulbs will provide the best result.

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DIY SAD Light Therapy Box

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