DIY Rocket Stove From A Five Gallon Metal Bucket

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We love our rocket stove and use it regularly. It’s an EcoZoom Versa and we gave it a lot of praise in our review. It’s a portable wood burning stove that’s very efficient and you can burn twigs and small wood pieces in the fire instead large logs. We find that a rocket stove comes in handy for cooking outdoors and camping.

While our rocket stove is a professional model, it’s not difficult to build your own to save money. Over at Root Simple, they show how to build a rocket stove in about an hour using a five gallon metal bucket. Their instructions are available as a pdf that and can be downloaded. Their rocket stove looks awesome!

If you don’t have the time build a rocket stove, yet still need one, then check out the EcoZoom Versa. To get $10 off on the purchase of this stove, click HERE. Then at checkout, enter the code HOMEsurvival.

DIY Rocket Stove From A Five Gallon Metal Bucket

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